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When I boot into my Manjaro KDE, it says that the Display Manager failed to start. I then login from console and try startx. But it seems like something were missing. I can't even download it since I don't know how to connect to the Wi-Fi through the konsole. I tried iwctl but it didn't recognize the command...What should I do?


I've run into this problem before when installing a new desktop environment; it happened when I forget to enable my new one. Try sudo systemctl -f enable gdm.service if you have gnome installed also or do the same thing except can gdm.service with your previous Display Manager (ex. sudo systemctl -f enable sddm.service) I hope this helps!

Source for command(s) mentioned in this answer: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-gnome-desktop-on-manjaro-18-linux

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