Using systemd, I can easily create a bond interface i.e. "mybond".

systemd by default creates a bond0 interface, would it be possible to change its parameters?

No matter the .netdev and .network files I create, bond0 is always managed in a round-robin algorithm and with is default parameters.

Are there any ways to change such bond parameters?

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    I have never tried systemd-networkd. According to the man page, you can set the the Name in the [NetDev] Section, and the Mode in the [Bond] section. I would add sample netdev files to the question. Also, is there anything in the journal? Feb 25 at 8:20

I found a solution reading this systemd issue.

Adding options bonding max_bonds=0 in /etc/modprobe.d/bonding.confremoves the default bond0 interface, so a new custom bond0 interface can be created and its parameters customized

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