In the file /etc/hosts.deny, we usually use ALL : ALL to setting.

Instead of, can I use Parentheses such as (ALL : ALL)? It is still working?

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    Welcome to Stackexchange, but your question puzzles me. Why do you want to include parentheses? What do you mean by "working" - what function should they have in your opinion? Why don't you just try them out? Are you sure that they used to work, as your usage of the word still implies? I had a brief look at the manual page of hosts.deny and did not see parentheses mentioned except in this sentence, which appears to say that they are not allowed: "if the control language would permit the use of parentheses". – berndbausch Feb 23 at 1:42
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    You seem to be using a syntax for the /etc/sudoers file. /etc/hosts.{deny,allow} are simple lists of hostnames, 1 per line. – waltinator Feb 23 at 2:35

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