I'm running Debian 11 with the Mate desktop, and using a Nvidia GTX 760 with the proprietary driver.

I have multiple monitors.

I set them in the correct order, and with the correct monitor as the primary.

Then, when I turn the monitors off (with the computer on), like to leave the house for a bit, as soon as I turn off a monitor, it starts changing my display layout settings.

For example, a different monitor will become the primary, the desktop starts re-orientating and resizing itself, all the windows start piling up on a single screen (the last one turned off), etc.

This seems like a "feature" that's useful for laptops (when you plug in an external screen), but is making a mess on a multi-monitor desktop.

How do I prevent this automatic layout change behavior?

Desired result: when a monitor is turned off or unplugged, the software part of the monitor should remain active as if it were still turned on and plugged in. Windows can be drug over to it, windows already on it stay on it, it's resolution stays as you put it, the primary should never change unless you manually set it, etc.

This was the how Mint 19 worked. How do I disable this automatic changing of display layout?

  • I second this issue, but it's likely an RandR issue since it does the same on XFCE and on an Intel iGPU. It also stubbornly wants to mirror the displays on the two displays everytime I plug the second display, even if I already configured it first. – X.LINK Feb 23 at 14:40

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