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I have this kind of partitions. How can i increase the ext4 partition i have unallocated space just beside it but still it does let me increase the partition size

  • You need to move the partition to the beginning of the unused space. After that, you can expand it. According to its home page, gparted is able to move partitions. – berndbausch Feb 22 at 5:58
  • I am not able to move the partition to the beginning of the unused space. Pls help me – Ishan Kamboj Feb 22 at 6:14
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    I am also not able to move your partition. I suggest you read the gparted and the parted manuals. However, it seems that the move command is not present in parted anymore after version 2.4. – berndbausch Feb 22 at 6:20
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    A simple approach would be to create a backup, delete the partition, recreate it at the beginning of the unallocated space and restore the backup. – berndbausch Feb 22 at 6:24
  • I got it right. The space has increased...... Sry to bother you – Ishan Kamboj Feb 22 at 7:16

Gparted can expand the partition to use the free space to the left, but the partition must not be mounted at the time in order to do this, so assuming that is your root partition, you will need to boot from removable media to run gparted.

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