when I am at work I want to have access to my windows pc at home. I want to use https://github.com/quasar/Quasar i don`t have static ip, but i have vps with wireguard server and idea in my mind, in client version type my vps ip, then forward connection from client to work pc which is my wg client. I tryed to allow port in my iptables, but port is closed, this means that need something to listen port on server and redirect to work pc. Quasar client connect to my vps on port 1234 then connection forwards to wg interface to pc. I am a beeginer in this side. If you can help me, i will be fine.

P.S. I am from Russia and do not know english well, sorry.

  • Drawing a diagram will make things clearer. I am reading "to have access to my pc from work" to mean "when I am at work I want to have access to my windows pc at home", but it could mean "when I am at home I want access to the machine issued to me at work". In either case but particularly the latter I suggest checking with the company to ensure they are happy. In the US and Europe you could lose your job for doing this. The normal way to do this is to have your home pc run the quasar server, have your vps forward a port to this server, and make your work pc connect to the port on the vps.
    – icarus
    Feb 21 at 19:11

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