I have some known WiFi networks that I'd like to autoconnect to on Chromium OS. I know that I can add WiFi networks by SSID and password via the GUI, but I'd rather this be done via command line as there are quite a few I'd like to add so I'd prefer to write a script I can execute.

I'm not able to use emerge to install wpa_supplicant (but there may be a chromebrew version?).

I'm also not too familiar with how unix stores networks that it hasn't connected to so I've tried to use a recursive grep command to search for a known network to see if I can just add details to a specific file but have not had much luck.

Is there any way I can pre-connect to networks with passwords/proxies without relying on emerge to install anything (using chromebrew is fine, though).

  • If you network manager is NetworkManager, you can do it with nmcli. – Quasímodo Feb 21 at 12:18
  • Unfortunately, I've had even less luck with ncmli. It isn't available via chromebrew and nor is preinstalled on the OS. – Switch Feb 22 at 7:01

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