For example, I used the command below.

sudo useradd -p password1 test

I was testing the useradd's -p flag when I added a new user. The creation of the new user was not a problem and copied skel to the new home directory. However, when I use the password that I've set using the useradd command with a -p flag, I always get the authentication failure message. I still have to use passwd command to login to the new user account. What's the purpose of -p in useradd when I still have to use passwd later on?

sudo useradd test1

If I added a new user once again without a password this time, how can I login without a password? Is there a default password for it or I still have to use passwd in order to login to the new user account?

Just checked. It seems that it is still encrypted even without a password in /etc/shadow.


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