Did something changed with the wine environment?

I used a script for ages and few days ago it started giving me troubles

wine64-development "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/progs/app/app.exe" \
                  $(winepath-development --windows "$NIXPATH")

NIXPATH is a file in my system /tmp, with wineconsole-development I can create dirs and files into that directory, privilegies of the file looks fine.

wine-5.6 (Debian 5.6-1)


Wine being Wine, there's always some regression from one version to another. Do also note that you're using a sid version of Wine, which will brings even more bugs.

  • Sid is more stable than they say, I've been using it for decades, only Chromium lately has given me some problems every now and then, always solved in a few days. For wine I switched to the non "-development" version and it seems to work (and I filed a bug). – Alex Feb 21 at 13:58
  • Just because it works for you, doesn't mean it'll be the same for everyone else. Even Debian Stable has bugs. – X.LINK Feb 21 at 23:58

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