Let say i want to :

Create a tar ball from a directory on server A

Scp this tarball to a server B

Untar the in the server B

ssh root@serverB   " scp  root@serverA:/var/www/dirs.tar.gz  /var/www/dirs.tar.gz && tar -xvf  /var/www/dirs.tar.gz 

I want to avoid repeating the path using a pipe. How to write it properly with a PIPE to get the second argument ?


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Just tarring a directory, copying it to a remote server, where it is untarred? Then scp -r directory ..., rsync -r directory ... or sftp are much better.

If you want to copy the tar file to the remote server and also unpack it, try

tar -cf - mydir | ssh [email protected] 'bash -c "tee archive.tar | tar -xf -"'

The tee is key here: It puts a copy of the tar file into the remote filesystem and passes the tarfile to the tar command, which unpacks it.

Perhaps a less convoluted solution is to simply rsync the directory to the remote server, where you create a tar file from it.


We don't see how you create the tarball, and if that needs to be a separate step, but tar doesn't need to create/consume files, so something along these lines should work:

ssh serverA tar cz file… | tar xz

(for ease of understanding, I'm assuming you're already root@serverB and leaving out things like making sure you're in the right directory.)

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