I am using rootless containers, according to the buildah docs,

Moreover, pinging from a rootless container does not work because it lacks the CAP_NET_RAW security capability that the ping command requires. If you want to ping from within a rootless container, you can allow users to send ICMP packets using this sysctl command:

# sysctl -w "net.ipv4.ping_group_range=0 2000000" 

This action would allow any process within these groups to send ping packets.

I ran that sysctl command, and I checked the permissions on the container it says,

Current IAB: ... !cap_net_raw ...

So if you set net.ipv4.ping_group_range you do NOT need this capability? How are these two related?


There’s no direct relationship. CAP_NET_RAW is a capability which allows the use of raw and packet sockets, and binding to any address for transparent proxying. ping_group_range is a sysctl defining a group range allowed to open ICMP echo sockets.

Both of these can be used to allow ping to send and receive ICMP echo packets, but they’re not a superset or subset of each other.

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