I have Lenovo notebook with Arch linux. When I run out of battery and my notebook dies, after starting it. It freshly boots new session. Is there a way to restore previous session and continue in it ?

PS: I use systemd, xserver and i3wm

Thank you for your help

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    Do you have your laptop set up to hibernate when it is almost out of battery? – terdon Feb 18 at 17:43
  • If you make answer with some elegant way to achieve it, I will accept your answer. – Jan Černý Feb 18 at 18:37

First setup hibernation on arch,

Then create a udev rule to hibernate on low battery percentage,

Haven't tested the udev rule myself but should work.

  • The real answer. That, or doing everything in a Virtual Machine and save the execution state. Since one can hibernate with a swap file, a swap partition is not needed. – X.LINK Feb 21 at 6:54

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