I earlier was having an issue. I had solved that also. But, I am facing it again. Same issue. Same error. It's been three times I have faced the issue. I had solved the issue same way every time. But, if it always happens than it totally irritating.

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If that happens that too often, it may mean that your hard drive is faulty. You can check your hard drive status through S.M.A.R.T. data with gnome-disks ("three dots menu"/"hamburger" menu) and watch for any errors count or anything related to sectors.

Faulty RAM may also cause such issues, as well as damaged solders (CPU, chipset, motherboard, etc) if your PC stayed too hot (e.g CPU over 70C, etc) for long enough.

  • Yes! My PC become hot too fast. I added a picture of information – Istiak Feb 18 at 4:52
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    I added a picture of gnome-disks – Istiak Feb 18 at 5:19
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    I have added. that screenshot – Istiak Feb 18 at 5:51
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    Once you've replaced the drive and only if errors occurs in the future, there would be a high chance that your next point of failure is RAM dying (symptoms: not being able to boot properly, graphical glitches, random crashes, etc). But you've managed to boot properly and recover from this hard drive issue until now, so you are mostly fine for the time being. Just remember what your next culprit would be, just in case. – X.LINK Feb 18 at 6:13
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    Replace your hard drive first, then reinstall everything and we'll see if this keeps up. – X.LINK Feb 19 at 6:20

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