I'm kind of a newbie to linux. I'm having trouble installing a mint linux on a KVM while passing a nvidia graphics card. The first problem I'm having is the known issue "Initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed" and the second one is that it freezes right after the message is shown(might be the same problem) while booting.

For the first problem I've found that updating the initramfs would do the trick, but as I could not access the installed mint version I had to open the installation disk's mint with compatibility mode. There I mounted without binding(can't bind, shows error) the installed partition, changed the initramfs.conf with the suggested fix and now I just have to run update-initramfs -u to apply the change but I cant figure out how to call it once the partition is not bound. Anyone knows how can I call the command in this scenario?

Would this also fix the freezing at boot? If not, any suggestions?


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