If the location DATA/AAA/INPUT contains n files (the file names are random job names), I need to create tar files for all the n files in the DATA/AAA/OUTPUT location with a common name format.

So, if there were n files in INPUT, then the OUTPUT location should have n tar files in the format:

log1.tar, log2.tar, ... , logn.tar.

FILE_NAME_PREFIX=EDWETLLogs today=date '+%d_%m_%Y'; count=ls -lrt /DEVL3/EW/EWD1/DATA/AED/INPUT | wc -l i=1 while [[ $i -le $count ]] do if [ $i -le 9 ];then

    tar czvf /DEVL3/EW/EWD1/DATA/AED/OUTPUT/${FILE_NAME_PREFIX}_${today}_0${i}.tar.gz /DEVL3/EW/EWD1/DATA/AED/INPUT        
    tar czvf /DEVL3/EW/EWD1/DATA/AED/OUTPUT/${FILE_NAME_PREFIX}_${today}_${i}.tar.gz /DEVL3/EW/EWD1/DATA/AED/INPUT 



i tried the above code but the output it produces is it compresses all files into one single tar file

  • What have you tried yourself? Please post your attempts and explain why they don't do as you expect. – Greenonline Feb 16 at 15:25
  • Why create tar archives of each file? Can't you just compress them with gzip or some other compressor tool? – Kusalananda Feb 16 at 15:44
$ cd /path/to/DATA/AAA/INPUT
$ for file in *; do tar cf ../OUTPUT/"${file}".tar "${file}"; done

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