Might be unrelated background: Before upgrading Mint from 18 to 20.1 this problem not happening.

I have list of aliases in /home/enter/.bash_aliases. I can use those aliases as a normal user, but I want have it too when I am using root.

Someone tell that .bash_aliases is being included by default, but the fact it's not when using root (using sudo -su).

By some comment on bashrc sample, I made addition on ~/.bashrc (/home/enter/.bashrc):

if [ -f /home/enter/.bash_aliases ]; then
    . /home/enter/.bash_aliases

Could you help to locate where is the mistake? Those aliases not available when using root. A clear explanation is another niceness :)

  • What exactly is the problem? Are you getting an error of some sort? By ~/.bashrc, do you mean your /home/enter/.bashrc or /root/.bashrc? – muru Feb 15 at 1:41
  • It would be helpful to know how you are "using root" - via su? via sudo? If the latter, then the difference in behavior between versions may be the result of changes in sudo's default set_home configuration – steeldriver Feb 15 at 1:58
  • Q updated, oh man @ muru already give some clue. @steeldriver ah that makes me more confused, but thanks :) – Adi Prasetyo Feb 15 at 4:32

just do source .bash_aliases, simple explanation already on superuser question

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