Running Debian Linux with samba, smbclient and samba-common-bin packages installed. I am trying to run the command (as root for now and adding response)

root@machine:/# net -W WORKGROUP -n HOSTNAME
Invalid command: net
Usage... and all the options

and I am getting the response "Invalid Command" even though this should be the correct usage. Running man net gets me all the man pages and net help gives all possible options including the the above.

The intent is to configure a Debian Mini-Linux USB stick for a Clonezilla cloning operation. Our Intrusion Detection System is set up to recognize the workgroup as WORKGROUP and CLONEZILLA (hostname) along with a particular brand of NIC card to allow it on the network.

After more research, I found that smb.conf is configured for workgroup = WORKGROUP and I have put CLONEZILLA in the hostname file in the stick. I was going to use the command line above to set those in the Clonezilla environment. Now I have to test against the IDS.


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You have provided qualifiers (-W and -n) but no action for the net command to execute. It responds by giving you the list of actions that it can perform, for example, net status shares

(Update your question to tell us what you're trying to achieve and maybe someone here can help you with the appropriate command.)

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