I tried real hard to get LAMP stack working on my pop_os home pc, but could not get it working. Is there a distro in existence with the LAMP stack preinstalled which I can just add WordPress on top of. If possible I want to have my regular linux os that I use most of the time and this os that I load on a dual-boot setup when I need to work with wordpress.

I would much prefer a setup like this than, than one with windows.

  • You can search LAMP on distrowatch.com. You will probably find turnkeylinux.org/all, which even lists a turn-key Wordpress. On the other hand any mainstream Linux distro should make it easy to install Apache, MySQL (or MariaDB) and PHP (or Python, or whatever the P may stand for). You may be better off asking questions regarding the errors you encountered. – berndbausch Feb 11 at 8:17
  • OK thank you for your comment for prosperities sake I have decided to answer this question. Maybe someone would find it useful again. Hope that is OK – Neil Meyer Feb 11 at 8:42
  • Doesn’t the wordpress package available in pop_OS! work for you? – Stephen Kitt Feb 17 at 8:45
  • I tried installing it. I must have done something wrong. – Neil Meyer Feb 17 at 9:19

TurnKey Linux offers this functionality. It has a distro especially made for WordPress. It can be found here.

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