So I have a torrent running windows downloading files. Having my machine setup with Ubuntu + Windows dual boot, can I pause the running torrent in Windows, boot into Ubuntu, and resume the torrent there?

If I were to copy torrent download files of Windows's %LOCALAPPDATA%/qBittorent/BT_backup/* to relevant Linux directory, would it work ?

The software used is qBittorent.

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This should work with one caveat: *.fastresume files specify the absolute path for torrents and they are naturally incompatible with Linux.

How I'd approach that:

  • Do not use or copy this directory
  • Download and open the appropriate torrent files again
  • Specify the save path where they are already downloaded to, uncheck "Start now" (it should be unchecked by default)
  • Right click the torrent and choose "Force recheck"

Now you can start seeding or continue downloading it.

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