I have multiple directories with multiple fasta files in those directories. I am trying to concatenate all files starting with a specific name in each of the directory into a single file. hpa_C.seq PANS_1_2__hpaC.fasta PANS_4_2__hpaC.fasta PNA_02_12__hpaC.fasta PNA_07_7__hpaC.fasta PNA_18_9S__hpaC.fasta PNA_98_12__hpaC.fasta PNA_99_3__hpaC.fasta leu_D.seq PANS_1_2__leuD.fasta PANS_4_2__leuD.fasta PNA_02_12__leuD.fasta PNA_07_7__leuD.fasta PNA_18_9S__leuD.fasta PNA_98_12__leuD.fasta PNA_99_6__leuD.fasta nta_A.seq PANS_1_2__ntaA.fasta PANS_4_2__ntaA.fasta PNA_02_12__ntaA.fasta PNA_07_7__ntaA.fasta PNA_18_9S__ntaA.fasta PNA_98_12__ntaA.fasta PNA_99_6__ntaA.fasta

I tried the following script to concatenate all the fasta files starting with names PANS_1_2 into a output file

for sample in *.seq;do 
  echo -en $sample
  cat *.seq/PANS_1_2*.fasta
done > xyz

The script however is returning sequences multiple times in the output file.

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    Could you please format the example with the {} (code) tool? Commented Feb 5, 2021 at 22:54

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cat *.seq/PANS_1_2*.fasta > xyz already concatenates all fasta files. The for loop multiplies that by the number of seq files.

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