I have several folders within a parent folder, which all have the structure below, and am struggling to create a specific loop.



so each subfolder contains a file called map.png (i.e. same filename in all subfolders, but they are different files).

I would like to copy each map.png file and place it into the overall Parentfolder, but at the same time I want the copy to be renamed based on the Folder above 'subfolder'.

So for example, I want to copy map.png from parentfolder/folder01/subfolder to parentfolder whilst renaming it folder01.png (and for this then to be done accordingly for all others, using a loop).

I have tried something along these lines but am obviously sruggling to get it to do what I want it to:

for i in parentfolder/*; do 
  cd $i
  cd subfolder
  cp map.png ../../"$i".png
  cd -

I am still a beginner and very new to this so would appreciate any help. Thanks so much.


You may try something like the following for loop,

for d in parentfolder/* ; do
    cp "$d/subfolder/map.png" "$d.png"

You should run it when your current directory is on the same level of the parentfolder.


Zsh comes with a utility zmv which is good for pattern-based renaming and copying of files. Put this in your .zshrc if you don't already have it:

autoload -U zmv
alias zcp='zmv -C'
alias zln='zmv -L'

(Or run these commands in your shell session to enable them just for this session.)

Then (from parentfolder):

zcp '(*)/subfolder/map.png' '$1.png'

The first argument is the pattern to replace. The second argument is the replacement name. In the replacement, $1, $2 and so on refer to the corresponding parenthesized group in the pattern. See the manual for other possibilities and limitations.

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