I have a quick simple question I could not find a quick answer in the internet. Is it possible to use a Windows machine to send an e-mail from a virus tool to a Linux root mail account.

example: Windows with ClamWIN send mail on alert, to Linux system to get on root@localhost so that root on the linux machine can read it into a dashboard?

as in mail address something like: root@ (ip) as destination...?

When I search for mail to linux machine I only get results for setting up a mail server to use for all kinds of purposes, but i just want it simple to the root mail box of all linux machines that already by default exists.

Thanks for your time.

  • 1) set up linux host to receive mail send to @hostname.local 2) have AV software sendmail to root@hostname.local, provided AV host resolv hostname.local to hostname's IP. Hard part is setting linux to receive mail IMO, tcp connectivity and name resolution is easy.
    – Archemar
    Feb 5 at 12:49
  1. Many SMTP server accept addresses root@[]
  2. email for root SHOULD be redirected (e.g. via email aliases) to non provileged OS account/mailbox
    AFAIK it is implemented on almost all unix/linux installations
  3. On may unix/linux "workstations" SMTP server accepts incoming SMTP connections only on (loopback) TCP/IP interface => it does not accept smtp connections from outside/other hosts
  • ok that is usefull, thanks, I'll keep in mind to create a user like clamav on the reciever side and send mail to that instead of root. But basically I need to enable incoming smtp connections over tcp/ip from external. (perhaps specific subnets). Feb 5 at 13:03

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