It often happens that a movie I'm watching has audio loudness levels set too low. Since I use a typical laptop, I can't just go raise the volume level of my speakers.

I've raised all knobs offered by GNOME's Volume Control.

alt text

Are there tools out there that would allow me to take the loudness to beyond 100% level?


mplayer has -softvol-max option that allows to amplify loudness. VLC also by default allow you to raise volume up to 200%, but it can be changed in options.


VLC lets you raise volume beyond what it calls 100%, and I assume it does that by an appropriate filter. Probably mplayer has one, too, but that involves reading the manpage, which you can do for yourself. ;)

So, short answer: look to your player program for a solution. (Though it's possible that you can globally configure something in ALSA.)

  • Haven't looked further, but VLC lets me raise volume up to 200% – phunehehe Jan 24 '11 at 1:43

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