I'm learning how to give sudo permission to different users.

At my first try editing /etc/sudoers, I made a syntax flaw and was unable to use sudo.

Whenever I would use sudo command, this message would appear:

segmentation fault (cored dumped)


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The thing is: you can't fix the syntax issue, without using sudo visudo to edit sudoers file. Hence, since I was unable to use sudo, I thought I would need to reinstall my OS, in order to fix the problem: which is not true!

All you got to do is:

  1. reboot computer;
  2. keep pressing esc;
  3. run your linux distro in recovery mode;
  4. once you're in recovery mode, you'll be able to access shell with root user without the need to use sudo;
  5. edit sudoers file, as you would normally do: visudo.

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