enter image description hereWhy does my USB modem produce multiple /dev/ttyUSB* files? In that, which one I have to select for AT commands?

I'm using SIM7600 module in Linux system. This is my lsusb output.

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    Welcome to the site. Please don't post screenshots of console output. They are often difficult to read, the content will not show up in search enginre results, and contributors trying to help will have to type-copy content when trying to analyze/reproduce your problem. Instead, paste it into the question using code formatting. Also, please edit your post to include the output of lsusb. – AdminBee Feb 4 at 9:39

USB devices can provide multiple USB interfaces, e.g. USB 3G/4G modems can emulate both a USB Ethernet adapter and a CD-ROM device containing drivers for the host OS. That's what you're looking at.

Like AdminBee said, you can use the lsusb output to check what you're actually dealing with.

You can also use this Debian wiki article to learn how to identify USB ports:


Lastly make sure you have the newest version of http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids installed.


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