I'm trying to stow a package to the "root" /

# cd ~/.dotfiles
# sudo stow -t / kraken
WARNING! stowing kraken would cause conflicts:
  * existing target is not owned by stow: lib
All operations aborted.

My package looks like this:

├── home
│   └── user
│       └── scripts
├── lib
│   └── systemd
│       └── system
│           └── some.service

Can stow help me out with this or am I not using it as is supposed?


  • I can't immediately think why this wouldn't work. Try re-running with -v3 or -v4 to see if that sheds any light. – Adam Spiers Jan 31 at 16:03
  • 1
    Hah! with -v4 I found that /lib was actually a symlink to /usr/lib! Took that into consideration and everything went smooth. Please add this as an asnwer. Thanks! – Gabriel A. Zorrilla Jan 31 at 16:49

As mentioned in the comments, running with -v4 revealed that /lib was actually a symlink to /usr/lib. This is similar but probably not identical to https://github.com/aspiers/stow/issues/11.

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