I have installed the program whipper with pacman in official repository in Arch Linux to rip CD's. But the man page won't come up with man whipper.

Then I cloned their github: https://github.com/whipper-team/whipper Went into the man page folder, ran make, and still man whipper would not show the man page. I do not want to build from source. and maybe that is the problem? Anyways, I would like to keep the installation from repo and get a man page. Let me know what you think I should do!

Thanks before hand!


If you want the package from the repository to contain the man page, you need to open a bug report against the package: go to https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/whipper/ and click "Add new bug".

man whipper does not open the man page after you ran make in man/ because man doesn't search the current directory for man pages. To do that, you need the --local-file (-l for short) option of man: man --local-file whipper.1.

  • Thanks! I did not know man can be specified to use a local file that way! – Asmodean Jan 30 at 16:20

So after reading @Wieland's response, this is what I did:

Added an entry in ~/.bashrc

alias man-whipper='man ~/path/to/man/file'

In this instance, the file is the whipper.1 inside the git clone directory.

Thanks for the help!


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