Kubernetes use TERM signal on count down replicaSet .
this is so dangerous for my application .
I use Tomcat application server and this application server has own shutdown mechanism for terminating application server.
when i send operating system (Linux) signals (9,15,...) to jvm , JVM does not know what do with threads inside jvm , so threads killed before successfully completed.

Request -----> BackEnd API -----> [Process] -----> Response
                   Send TERM (Signal) while thread doing Process

Is there any way to change kubernetes container shutdown mechanism ?
I want kubernetes use :

catalina.sh stop

A way to do this would be with dumb-init.

Building containers, dumb-init is usually a good practice, dealing with zombies among others. In your case, it would also allow to re-map signals.

In your Dockerfile, you would have something like

CMD ["dumb-init", "--rewrite", "15:28", "/app/start.sh"]

Check with kill -l, SIGINT should be number 15.

Then, in your start script, you may trap the SIGWINCH (28) signal:


trap "cd /app ; catalina.sh stop" SIGWINCH

[your startup script]
exec $JAVA_HOME/bin/java ...
  • I can not understand ! Why SIGWINCH signal ?!!!! – mah454 Jan 31 at 7:22
  • pick any signal you can catch. – SYN Jan 31 at 10:07

Kubernetes lifecycle is good solution for problems like this :
Container Lifecycle Hooks

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