I have a AMD Radeon Pro 5600M 8 Go graphic card on my MacBook pro 16" and I would like to know if there exists a tool like nvtop for AMD cards on MacOS Big Sur : this would be for seeing the ressources taken by the GPU in live when I make run big simulations.

I did some reasearches but couln't have found a brew package or macport package, neither via pip3 python package.

If someone knew if this kind of tool exists, this would be fine to tell it.

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EDIT: December, 2023: nvtop now supports AMD! I've tried several different options and nvtop is by far my preference: https://github.com/Syllo/nvtop

Previous answer for posterity:

I haven't been able to find anything like nvtop for AMD, but there is a project called radeontop that is better than nothing: https://github.com/clbr/radeontop

The worst part is that I can never remember the name when I need to run it. I finally aliased it in my ~/.bashrc:

alias amdtop='radeontop'

According to the github page for nvtop, it supports AMD along with Intel too.


I guess originally it was written with nVidia in mind, hence it's name, but now the nv stands for 'neat videocard'. 🙂

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