I recently moved postfix into a docker container, with ports 25 and 587 exposed on the host machine.

Since doing this, cron on the host machine is now unable to send emails due to No MTA installed, discarding output.

It appears that cron tries to use the sendmail command, which is normally provided by an MTA package. Installing postfix on the host to provide sendmail seems a bit silly, and it will try to listen on port 25 and conflict with the mappings from the dockerised postfix.

I tried installing msmtp and adding a /etc/msmtprc:

account default
host localhost
auto_from on
maildomain [domain]

Cron now tries to send mail through postfix, but even with the auto_from and maildomain options it seems to use a bare or invalid from header like From: root or From: root (Cron Daemon), which gets rejected. opendkim can't handle this either.

I'm assuming that when postfix was installed on the host, the postfix provided sendmail sorted out all of the addresses and appended the mailname as needed, but that the minimalist msmtp isn't doing this?

What is the solution here? How can I get a sensible sendmail command on the host that will use the dockerised postfix to send the mail?

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