I have a simple script to search patterns in my code sources, named prgrep

grep -irnI --exclude-dir={.git,obj} --exclude=tags --color=auto "$@"

(The fact that it is a script and not an alias or function is that I want to be able to call it from inside vim and with any shell)

Note that the search is case insensitive (since I consider this a good default to search) and the script accepts any flags that grep accepts.

I would like grep to have a flag --no-ignore-case so that the caller of the script could override the -i flag of the script, but GNU grep does not provide this.

Do you have any simple idea to provide such functionality? Currently I have a separate script named Prgrep which performs case sensitive searches.

Recent versions of GNU grep do provide a --no-ignore-case option, which is exactly what I need. I'm using GNU grep 3.1, which still doesn't have this option.

  • How about an argument for the script? Inside the script you check $1 for any string you like and create a case statement with or without case-sensitive search. – eblock Jan 28 at 9:08
  • The desired behaviour is achieved simply by dropping -i - I don't understand what the question is. – Panki Jan 28 at 9:16
  • @eblock That would force a predefined number of arguments, and the script would have to handle all of them. I want to keep allowing all the grep options – Hobber Jan 28 at 9:20
  • 2
    I’m voting to close this question because the issue was fixed by updating grep. – Panki Jan 28 at 9:35
  • 1
    @Panki OK, but it would be nice to have a solution for old versions of grep... – Hobber Jan 28 at 9:36

New versions of grep have the option --no-ignore-case which overrides -i:

Do not ignore case distinctions in patterns and input data. This is the default. This option is useful for passing to shell scripts that already use -i, to cancel its effects because the two options override each other.

For older versions of grep, you could simply add this as option to your script:

if [ "$1" = "--no-ignore-case" ]; then
    grep -rnI --exclude-dir={.git,obj} --exclude=tags --color=auto "$@"
    grep -irnI --exclude-dir={.git,obj} --exclude=tags --color=auto "$@"

Note: --no-ignore-case will need to be the first argument when you call your script.

  • The only problem with this solution is that --no-ignore-case must always be the first argument in order to be matched – Hobber Jan 28 at 19:55
  • @Hobber short of re-doing the entire argument parsing of grep, there's no way to robustly handle that. Consider a command line like your_wrapper -hio --no-ignore-case ...: the --no-ignore-case should override not only the -i default from your wrapper, but also the -i from the command line, which means that it will have to parse and rebuild the command line of grep; have a look at the /usr/bin/zgrep wrapper script on Linux to have a taste of what that entails ;-) – Uncle Billy Jan 28 at 20:32

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