I want to print the following variables to the standard output file slurm-XXXXX.out produced by Slurm. Right now, I am generating a separate .info file for every job.

echo "SLURM Job ID        : ${SLURM_JOB_ID}" >> $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR/$jobName.$JOBID.info
echo "SLURM Job name      : ${SLURM_JOB_NAME}" >> $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR/$jobName.$JOBID.info
echo "SLURM Node list     : ${SLURM_JOB_NODELIST}" >> $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR/$jobName.$JOBID.info


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Just echoing these variables without the redirection to your info file will output to .out file, like

echo "SLURM Job ID        : ${SLURM_JOB_ID}"

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