btrfs supports reflinks, XFS supports reflinks (since 2017 i think?), any other filesystems support it?

truncate -s 1G test.file;
cp --reflink=always test.file ref.test.file;

Support for reflinks is indicated using the remap_file_range operation, which is currently (5.11) supported by Btrfs, CIFS, NFS 4.2, OCFS2, overlayfs, and XFS.

  • And NFS can do this irrespective of what the actual file system on the shared drive is? – terdon Jan 27 at 10:51
  • 1
    @terdon any NFS 4.2 server may support clones, which is what reflink leads to — but the main purpose there is to reduce network traffic. An NFS server can support clones, and thus reflinks in appearance on the client side, regardless of what the underlying storage can do. – Stephen Kitt Jan 27 at 10:57

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