I am dealing with a networking issue on my system and I wish to install wireshark to investigate the networking activity on it. The system uses CentOS 7 and since I could not install it directly I downloaded the respective rpm files of wireshark along with its dependencies from the online repo ( http://mirror.centos.org/centos-7/7.9.2009/os/x86_64/Packages/ ) from another machine and transfered the files. After successfully installing the wireshark rpm file via

sudo rpm -ivh wireshark-1.10-14-25.el7.x86_64.rpm

I could not locate the binary file. Did I install a wrong rpm file or I did something wrong in a previous step?

  • What did you do to "locate" the file? Some shells cache filenames on the PATH, so you'd have to start it with explicit path (presumably /usr/bin/wireshark), or open a new terminal window, or use the entry in the "Network" section of your Desktop's app menu. (Maybe you also need wireshark-gnome to have a GUI at all, though.) Jan 26 at 12:54
  • That's the thing. I did whereis wireshark and it replied with /usr/lib64/wireshark and /usr/share/wireshark. No binary found.
    – ex1led
    Jan 26 at 13:33

The misunderstanding may be in the naming. The package is named wireshark, but it provides these binaries:


... none of which is named wireshark. You might want to start with tshark, but check out the man pages for the other programs. The /usr/sbin directory may not be in your PATH, so you may need to use the full path (/usr/sbin/tshark) or add it to your PATH (PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin).

If you're looking for the wireshark GUI program itself, that's provided by the wireshark-gnome package in CentOS7.


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