I'm irritated on having to navigate completely through the GUI folder file system with the GUI folder view.

Is there any way within the GUI to just pass the path to where I want to look and explore or must I always navigate the complete path via clicks on the File Explorer of the GUI?

I understand that I can use the terminal, but I'm wanting to do this with the Folder viewer.

  • Note: I am using CENTOS 7
    – edjm
    Jan 25, 2021 at 15:47

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The specifics vary depending on which file manager you’re using.

In GNOME, in a “Files” window, CtrlL will allow you to type or paste a path; Enter will then go to that path.


Change directory by typing in dolphin file-manager

  • Option 1: Click the address bar (location bar) or press ctrll, and type the path.
  • Option 2: Open the integrated shell, and use cd command. The file-manager will also change directory. (Does not work if your dolphin is too old. You have to use the terminal that is integrated with dolphin.)
  • Option 3: Search within the current directory, by just typing (I don't like this, because there are timeouts).
  • Alternative (or to use as well as) : Add short-cuts to the places pane.

In Konqueror, the KDE file manager, there is a box for it displayed (see red arrow). enter image description here

Thunar (my personal favorite) also displays the location bar: enter image description here

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