We have a server which main focus is to stream data from one point to another.

transfer data form to
transfer data form to
transfer data form to

I assume the best way to do that would by iptables but since we need to support multicast this doesn't seem to be an option (at least for multicast)

I know how I can make socat run as a service but my question is if I should run socat as a service. Sometimes there might be hours where it would idle and days where it would transfer data every second.

Is socat ready to run 24/7 and receiving/transmitting data?


We did some test streaming videos via socat for a day or two and so far performance and system impact seems good. First feedback from customers also.

You have to make sure that you don't use socats fork and don't log extensively because that will have noticeable negative impact on your system.

I suggest to use socats UDP-RECV for incoming traffic and UDP-DATAGRAM for outgoing traffic. This combination proved to be the must performant and stable solution. Other wouldn't work are have a negative impact on the system.
Be sure to read socats documentation it will explain how the different options work.

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