For an app launcher in a Gnome/MATE panel (or at the desktop) I would like to add an extra icon to the actual app icon at its bottom right corner as it is known from 'emblems' for files and folders in Nautilus/Caja.

I can imagine one of these approaches could work:

  • Add the extra icon via an option in the Desktop Entry (.desktop file) - seems not to be implemented, is there a trick?
  • Build the new icon via the same or a similar GUI function Nautilus (or Caja or anything else doing this) uses for displaying the emblem icon - anyone familiar with the source of one of these?
  • Capture the composed icon from an actual emblem-ed icon in Nautilus/Caja. Is there a flawless way (no extra editing to restore transparency)?

I prefer one of these ways over composing these icons manually in an editor because I want to use it for a bunch of different app icons.

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