I’ve had an existing xubuntu 20.04 install for a while now. My hard drive is a Samsung M.2 nvme device. All of a sudden I’m getting a grub prompt/command line on boot up. It cannot find my root partition. See below photo of screen with set command: enter image description here

The problem arises when I try to set the root= argument to my Linux command:

linux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/nvme

But I have no /dev/nvme* at all in my /dev directory. I see this as a big problem.

I did a lsmod but no nvme or nvme-core modules are loaded. When I tried to manually insmod The nvme.ko module file from /lib/modules/5.4.0-59-generic/kernel/drivers/nvme/host/ it gives me a error: incompatible license.

From the grub prompt I can ls /home And also ls other directories on my nvme drive and see all my local files. Am I supposed to be using another /dev file that I do not know about.

Really appreciate any help or guidance...

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