I am using Fedora 33 (GNOME + kernel-5.10.8-200.fc33) and how can I disable system wide timestamp of file system?

For example, I want to disable change time (ctime) and birth time (btime).

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    I doubt any filesystem will support disabling ctime. In 15 years of using Linux, i've never heard of btime nor do I see it in a quick search. What filesystem has btime? – jordanm Jan 21 at 19:56
  • You can easily block atime (recommended for flash) but I think the only way to disable mod times would be mounting the entire partition ro or writing a kernel driver. – Aaron D. Marasco Jan 21 at 20:35
  • @jordanm A file's birth time or btime is a file's creation timestamp. See this discussion. – JRFerguson Jan 21 at 21:45
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    @jordanm the stat manpages for macOS speak of "birth time" as when doing stat -f %SB file. I'm not certain what the actual inode element name is, though and if it differs for Apple's HFS and APFS filesystems. – JRFerguson Jan 22 at 18:54
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    @jordanm on Linux it’s returned by statx in a field called stx_btime, on file systems which support it. – Stephen Kitt Jan 22 at 20:28

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