Does anybody know the underlying sorcery behind libgmp??

I am working on compiling a program (hires_ifr.c) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 that previously had no issues. It is now failing to find the gmp library in the linking stage:

amitkus$ ifort -nofor_main -vec_report0 -prec_div  -i-dynamic -mcmodel=large 
-fp-model precise -fp-model no-except -Bstatic -O3  -openmp  -integer_size 32 
-real_size 64 -double_size 64 -align all    /data//obj/hires_ifr.o 
/data//obj/coord.o /data//obj/mycoeff.o /data//obj/cube_netcdf.o 
/data//obj/cube_read.o /data//obj/mvhd.o /data//obj/mask.o /data//obj/igrf.o 
/data//obj/elliptic_quad_gmp.o /data//obj/fftmethod.o /data//obj/alf.o 
/data//obj/alf_quad.o  /data//obj/magfast.o /data//obj/egm96.o 
/data//obj/utm_trans.o  /data//obj/TMLib.o  /data//obj/nad27_f.o 
/data//obj/nad83_f.o  /data//obj/etopo_file.o /data//obj/akima_760.o 
/data//obj/mainfield.o /data//obj/int-ext.o /data//obj/omni.o 
/data//obj/gsm2geo.o  /data//obj/sm2geo.o /data//obj/plmbar.o 
/data//obj/magfdz.o /data//obj/my_bggm.o /data//obj/my_bggm_read.o 
/data//obj/bggmc.o /data//obj/tmjd_C.o /data//obj/tjuda_C.o 
/data//obj/idbl_C.o /data//obj/dbl_C.o  /data//obj/calend_C.o 
/data//obj/totalg_grid.o /data//obj/egm_grid.o /data//obj/etopo_red.o  
/data//obj/libfftpack.a -L/usr/lib64 -lgmp -L/opt/GMT/netcdf-3.6.3/lib - 
lnetcdf -L/nfs/Geophysics/IFR-1/obj -lnag -o /data//exe/hires_ifr

compile ld error

I have confirmed that the .so library exists in that location: so library exists in specified location

I have also tried a test compilation (with gcc) of something else which makes use of the gmp library, and this one strangely compiles correctly no matter what I do. In fact, I can screw up the library location and it still works.

gcc -Wall -O3 randPi.c -L/usr/badpath/lib64 -lgmp -o randPi

-lgmp works elsewhere even with bad path

LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not have /usr/lib on it, but I have that being added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH in my ~/.bashrc, and my understanding is that just modifies it as an environmental variable for the compilation and then reverts back.

declare -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/ec2-user/lib
declare -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib/:/opt/netcdf/lib64

declare -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib64


I would be super grateful for any input, and am happy to provide any more needed context!

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