I have arch and Ubuntu and windows 10 installed on my system. I had installed Ubuntu before arch hence I already had the grub menu offered by the Ubuntu. But after installing I can see another bootable entry in BIOS.

The grub entry from Ubuntu shows arch as one of the options to boot, but just loads blank screen. In short I cannot boot from the grub entry of arch from the grub menu installed from Ubuntu.

But from arch's menu I can boot into all the available entries.

How do I fix this issue of not being able to boot into Arch from the grub menu from Ubuntu.

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It looks like this has been answered recently. How do I triple boot Windows 10, Arch Linux, and Ubuntu 18.04?

The accepted answer points to a post by edward Torvalds that resolves a kernel panic issue. I hope it helps GRUB confuses kernels/initramfs of Ubuntu and Arch Linux installation

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