I have the following crontab to pull an online resource at 9am every day and write it to a file locally:

0 9 * * * /usr/bin/wget --http-user=username --http-password=password https://remote_file_to_pull.json -O /local_output_file.json >/dev/null 2>&1

The problem is that sometimes when retrieving the remote file, the server throws a Error 500. What wget does is write over an empty file.

Is there a way to change the cron to only write the file if wget does not encounter an error and/or the file to write is not empty?


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    I don't know that wget can do what you ask, but if you were to use a temp file and replace the real file on success you wouldn't need wget to do anything different. Jan 4 at 13:22

Replace your crontab entry with a reference to this script, which updates the output only on success from wget and where it returns a file with non-zero length



if wget --quiet --http-user="$user"--http-password="$pass" -O "$target.tmp" "$url" && [[ -s "$target.tmp" ]]
    # Success
    mv -f "$target.tmp" "$target"
    # Failure of some sort; you might want to report this
rm -f "$target.tmp"

By the way. I'm hoping your code was illustrative, but it's generally not good practice to write files directly to the root of the filesystem.

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