So I installed zsh a few days ago, and I'm loving it. But when I type something in, it shows me the possible completion using the autosuggestions plugin, but I cannot fill it using tab, i have to use the arrow keys. Pressing tab opens a menu of possible completions and/or a list of subdirectories and files. I want to have no menu completions and the only completions to be done through the autosuggestions plugin.

I've been tinkering for a few hours trying to get this so if anyone knows how to achieve this I would appreciate some help (debian using ohmyzsh)


You can unload the completion system completely like this:

zmodload -u zsh/compctl zsh/complete
bindkey '^I' forward-word

Instead of inserting completions, Tab will now accept the next word from zsh-autosuggestions.

Before you give up completely on completions, though, may I suggest you give the zsh-autocomplete plugin a try? It gives you Visual Studio Code -style, type-head autocompletion in Zsh. And yes, you can use both zsh-autosuggestions and zsh-autocompletion in parallel.

  • The auto-complete plugin is exactly what i was looking for. I use visual studio a lot so that is perfect. The first command i need some help on though, it says "zmodload: module zsh/complete is in use by another module and cannot be unloaded". Ive tried messing with it for an hour or two and cant figure it out – mag.a420 Jan 18 at 16:36

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