I am running a Mac Pro using Snow Leopard (not server). I would like to share a directory with a linux machine. I have edited /etc/exports on the Mac to:

/Volumes/mstore/home/sdavis -maproot=root -rw

When I try to mount this from a linux machine, I get:

 sudo mount gale.nci.nih.gov:/Volumes/mstore/home/sdavis /tmp/abc
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting gale.nci.nih.gov:/Volumes/mstore/home/sdavis

Also, this is what I get for showmount -e on the Mac:

% showmount -e
Exports list on localhost:

In other words, the mount is not seen, apparently. Any suggestions? I have not found much good documentation on sharing via NFS on the Mac, particularly for later OS versions.

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Bad form, I know, to answer my own question, but.... I needed a couple more steps, outlined here. In short, I needed to execute:

sudo nfsd update

As another detail, I added the client name to the export and removed the "-rw" flag.


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