We have to setup server with RSTUDIO-SERVER Pro and wanted to maintain the security:

  1. We have two folders created one is in /FOLDER1 and another is under /usr/FOLDER2
  2. We have two AD groups created as AD1 and AD2 at domain controller.

We have tried the below options:

chown -R root:AD1 /FOLDER1
chown -R root:AD2 /usr/FOLDER2

chmod -R 750 /FOLDER1
chmod -R 750 /usr/FOLDER2

but We are AD1 group users still able to access FOLDER2 and vice versa. NOTE: We are using SSSD to authenticate on Linux.

Can we add restrictions like this using AD groups on Linux?

Can someone please help me sorting the above restriction?

  • That chmod -R you did made every file under those directories readable and executable by everyone at the owner and group level. Are you sure you wanted to make everything executable? – mikem Jan 17 at 9:24
  • What does "getent group | grep AD" show? Do they have the same GID? – mikem Jan 17 at 9:25

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