I am relatively new to Linux and trying to set up Qtractor to record MIDI. So far, with the help of the documentation, I've managed to get it to communicate with JACK and take MIDI input from my USB keyboard, but I have no audio feedback yet. I have some VST instrument plugins (.dll) that I'm carrying over from my older Windows setup and would like getting them to work under Qtractor. I put them in two folders : one in the home directory for ease of access (which I've added as a plugin path in Qtractor) and the other in one of Qtractor's default paths at usr/lib/vst. So far I've followed the steps in this user manual but the VSTs don't show up in the list. The way I understand it, this is because they are not Linux native VSTs, which are the only ones supported. Is there any workaround? I've gleaned that it might be possible to use an external synth such as Carla (or VeSTige?), or to use DSSI-VST to "convert" my VSTs into DSSI, but I haven't found any walkthroughs of how to do it.

I also tried whySynth, an included DSSI plugin, but although there is some output, all I hear is a low-volume saturated static-like noise on my speakers regardless of the instrument setting, so I might have a different issue, but I'll get to it later if I can get the VSTs to work.

Please note that I do not have a strong preference for Qtractor, all I'm looking for is an audio workstation compatible with my MIDI device and VST plugins. I've previously tried Ardour, LMMS and Rosegarden, but had no more success with importing the VSTs. If it's easier or more reliable to do on an other workstation than Qtractor, feel free to tell me.

My setup : Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon 4.6.7, my device is an Acer laptop, my keyboard is a M-Audio Oxygen49, I installed Qtractor and Jack from the Software Manager. Qtractor has all its settings at the default save for the connections to JACK. Below are some screenshots of my JACK options (sorry, the interface is in French).

Jack settings Jack advanced settings

Here are the connections between Qtractor and JACK :

Audio connections MIDI connections

Everything else should be at default unless otherwise specified.

If needed, one example of the VSTs I'm trying to use is DSK Saxophones which can be downloaded for free here.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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