wmctrl -l doesn't inlude the programs from the system tray.

I want to add a keyboard shortcut to open a program being placed to system tray (ktimetracker).

Is it possible?

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I solved my case, not a general approach.

It seems a QT-based application can be raised from tray. But in my case though there was a setFocus method, it didn't work.

So I ended up with a solution working for me.

ktimetracker; qdbus-qt5 org.kde.ktimetracker /ktimetracker/MainWindow_1 show; wmctrl -a "KTimeTracker"

ktimetracker - will start if not started.

qdbus-qt5 org.kde.ktimetracker /ktimetracker/MainWindow_1 show - use dbus to show the window, but still unfocused.

And wmctrl -a "KTimeTracker" to focus on it (now wmctrl is able to see the window.

I use the script for a keyboard shortcut to raise my window from tray.

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