I am trying to use symlinks so I can have a xorg.conf (Trying to put it in ~/.config/xorg) file in my ~/ directory and have Xorg read it. I made a directory in ~/dotfiles called xorg, and I put 30-touchpad.conf in it.

I then symlinked ~/dotfiles/xorg to ~/.config/xorg (exactly as you see it. I have also set the environment variable XORGCONFIG by putting the following line in ~/dotfiles/.profile (symlinked to ~/):

export XORGCONFIG=/home/johnny/.config/xorg

After a reboot, nothing happened. Xorg doesn't seem to be reading the file. I have the following in ~/dotfiles/.bash_profile (symlinked also):

[[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc
[[ -f ~/.profile ]] && . ~/.profile

Still nothing after a reboot. I use a graphical display manager (LightDM) if that helps figure out the issue.

Is there something I am doing wrong, which is causing Xorg to not see the file?

Please feel free to ask me for any extra information. I will gladly provide it.

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