I am running openbox desktop on my physical machine where I navigate desktops using key combinations Meta+1 or Meta+2 or Meta+3...

My physical machine has a QEMU hypervisor installed and there is a virtual machine (VM) running on the hypervisor.

I mostly run VM in fullscreen mode where key combinations for desktop navigation do not work. How can I override the VM so that my key combinations will apply to the physical machine?


If you are using VMM (virt-manager), by pressing grab keys you should be able to send keyboard inputs to the host OS desktop.

The grab key defined in edit->preferences->console

enter image description here

  • It seems to work! I defined a "Grab keys" combination as: META + ESC. Now when I am inside a VM (fullscreen) I only press META + ESC once to first escape the VM and then whatever I press next will directly execute inside my workstation and not inside VM - for example META + 1 will bring me to workspace's "desktop 1". Awesome!
    – 71GA
    Jan 11 at 14:26

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