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I once tried dualbooting all my other Windows installations with Ubuntu. However, there was some compications when the Gnu grub terminall appeard, I managed to boot into windows, deleted the partiton Ubuntu was installed on, then restarted. The Grub rescue appeared. I tried every solution i could find, but they didnt work and they ended up using the Windows installation disk which i do not have. Please help

  • deleted the partiton Ubuntu was installed on ... the boot partition is probably somewhere else ... you will need to research how to make the windows partition bootable – jsotola Jan 2 at 21:56
  • i couldn’t fond any info, btw i know almost nothing about linux or grub – SuperAviationFan117 Jan 2 at 22:36
  • it's not a question about grub or about linux ... it is how to make windows partition bootable? – jsotola Jan 2 at 22:50
  • i get results of things i already tried and failed – SuperAviationFan117 Jan 2 at 22:53
  • i believe that you can download the windows install disk from microsoft – jsotola Jan 3 at 1:22

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